Our Story

Little Twines Founders

 It started as a simple visit to our favorite store. Our four-year-old daughter needed bedding for her new bed.

But in searching the shelves for the pint-sized version of the same kind of premium-quality bedding we love for ourselves - we were surprised to find a lack of fun options for kids. 

As parents, we want to give our kids the very best - that’s why we became determined to find bedding that met our high standard.

And when we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to make it ourselves.

Guided by our belief that we could produce a product aligned with our ‘do no harm’ philosophy, we took our time and did our homework to find suppliers who share our values.

You will find our products are made with ethically-sourced, fair-trade fabrics - we wholeheartedly support solutions that will transform the textile industry for the better. 

But you will also find...

Our products aren’t just responsibly made - they’re also F-U-N! 

Designed around the joy and playfulness of childhood, they make bedtime a good-time. Exclusive, artwork is hand-painted by talented artists and carefully transformed into digital designs. 

From concept to creation, every detail is thoughtfully considered. 

We hope you enjoy your bedding as much as we enjoyed making it.